Saturday, August 11, 2007

Boston Non-Tea Party

OK, I know most of the time I'm is some exotic location posting pictures of historical or Biblical sites. This is a little different. I'm in Concord, Mass, just outside of Boston, to assist in the wedding of our own Erik Holmstrom to a delightful young woman Erik met in the Air Force, Nicole Crampton. It has been a wonderful time and the friends and family that have gathered simply couldn't be better. I've been asked for a few pictures, so here you go. Double click on a picture for a larger version.

The bride, groom, and groom's family
The lovely couple. I dare say, Erik did very well and found a young women who is beautiful, intelligent, gracious, and has a great family behind her. It doesn't get much better.
Wedding cake...yes, Erik was nice and no cake smashing.
The wedding party, You see a few Ellensburg folks in the crowd.
Erik and mom at the reception.
I may eventually post a few pics of my other travels here: Plymouth, Harvard, Boston, Concord.