Tuesday, April 03, 2012

More Somewhat Less Than Historic Sites: Israel

More pictures, from Israel and some West Bank towns. Blogger has mixed them up a bit. Click on a photo for a larger view.

The old souk (marketplace) in Nazareth. Been in the same place for centuries.

Butcher in the Nazareth souk

Nazareth sweet shop...Ask Shawn how much he ate from here.

Not the look you expected from a young woman in Nazareth.

Ethopian priest in Jerusalem

Why can't we get bread this fresh?

This guy sells pictures his family took years ago. His shop is in the Christian Quarter of the Old City. He is literally world famous. Shawn bought a picture of T.E. Lawrence.

Great meal in Bethlehem. I do miss the food.

Strawberrys in Nablus. As good tasting as they look!

Biggest cabbages I have ever seen.

Nablus market

Falafel stand in Nablus market. Great lunch. 18 shekels for three people...less than $5.

Store in Nablus market.

Shawn in Nablus

This flat bread smells and tastes amazing.

The seperation wall in Bethlehem

Palestinian in Bethlehem

The Wal-Mart of the Jerusalem Old City Souk
 Jerusalem Old City Souk

I think this big pile is called Zaatar

Jerusalem Old City fish

Old City olives and pickels

Inside the Damascus Gate, Jerusalem

How many minks died? I have no idea.

Outside Damascus gate

Security inside Jaffa Gate

Well, he seemed to be a Good Samatarian.

Spices in Old City

Huge califlower in Hebron.

Not all that uncommon

Maybe Starbucks started like this.

Old souk in Hebron

Talk about healthy options

By the Jerusalem Old City Western Wall

We need a place like this in Ellensburg
 Jews with a boys class at the Western Wall

Monday, April 02, 2012

Somewhat less historic sites: Jordan

One of the things I love about traveling to somewhat exotic locations is to see things that are a part of the common life of the locals, but unusual and interesting to me. A few people have mentioned to me how much they enjoying seeing these too, so I’m putting together two posts on some less than historic sites. We start with Jordan.
Some of you will never have seen one of these.

 Yes, they have bees too.
 These guys like to bling out there trucks.
 We saw literally hundreds of these trucks hauling great looking fresh fruits and vegetables.
 Standard Sandalow shot of dead critter outside butcher.
 They had good food.
 This woman is possibly the hottest Queen on the planet.
 Bedowin tents: note the satellite dishes.
 Eagle over Jordan
 Boys in a small town having a snowball fight after an overnight snowfall. Yes, we had a couple thrown at us. They missed.
 On the way into Petra
 Jordanian tourist police in historic uniforms
 Once again, Turtle Man at Petra.
 The coolest bathroom in the world
 I would have brought him home, but the best I could do was give him a good meal.